Jämi Dryland Mid Distance Race 4×7,7km 31.10.2020, Finland

Lead: Sudensuukon Taisto Tulikoura & Sudensuukon Dont Stop At The Top
Team: Wolfinity’s Fennekin
Wheel: Sudensuukon The North Remembers & Sudensuukon Twisted Twix
Musher: Tino Ijäs
Vehicle had to weight approx. 25kg per 1 dog so in this case at least 125kg! Participants had only 10 hours to finish the whole race!
1st lap: 0:37:54.0, 2nd lap: 0:51:29.2, 3rd lap: 0:51:22.6, 4th lap: DNS
Overall Time: 2h 20m 45sec & 9,85km/h