Kuusamo MD Mid Distance 2x20km, Finland 20.-21.3.2021

Lead: Wolfinity’s Cthulhu Mythos & Indian Tribe Husky’s Mahican
Wheel: Wolfinity’s Godzilla The God Of Monsters & Wolfinity’s Fenrir The Wolf (Ran only 1st round)
1st lap 1:33:41 & 2nd lap 1:53:21
Musher: Jenny From
Overall Time & Speed: 3h 27m 02sec & 11,59km/h
Placement: 19th out of 30 teams (only huskies: 13th out of 19 teams)!
Score: REK0

Lead: Heart Kingdom’s Ace Of Agraba & Wolfinity’s Acura
Wheel: Heart Kingdom’s Ace Of Pride Rock & Heart Kingdom’s Ace Of Sherwood Forest
1st lap 1:49:00, didn’t start for 2nd lap
Musher: Hertta Alioravainen
Overall Time & Speed: –
Score: REK-